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Hull & Water Bourne Craft Insurance


Water bourne vessels face many perils and operate in some of the most unforgiving environments on the planet.



The variety of risks are numerous and underwriting factors can include the condition and age of the vessel(s), the type(s) of operations being conducted, geographic useage and the quality and experience of the Captain(s) & crew(s).



Marquis specialise in catering for a wide range of risks and scenarios from small pleasure craft to global commercial risks.

If you would like to speak to our Hull Insurance team either call us on 0113 8800 869 or click on the 'Contact Us' button at the bottom of this page and we will call you back a time that is convenient to you.

Among the most common covers provided are:-


  • Hull & Machinery Insurance

  • Protection and Indemnity (vessel liabilities for ship owners)

  • Construction Risks

  • Charterers Liability

  • Fishing Harbours & Associations

  • Yachts & Pleasure Craft

  • Marinas

  • Chandlers

  • Pollution

  • Boat & Ship Builders & Repairers Risks

  • Offshore & Subsea Risks

  • Ports and Terminals, Shipyard, Terminal and Port Authority Liabilities

  • Ship Repairers Liability

  • Boat Dealers



If you would like more information click on the button below and request a callback or log your renewal details and we will contact you closer to your renewal date.



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