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Directors & Officers Liability Insurance


Over recent times it has become evident that the society that we live in is developing into an increasingly litigious environment. More than ever there is increasing emphasis on Companies to provide an improved working environment aswell as continually demonstrating a Duty of Care.


Duty of Care can come in many guises and, if an employee, shareholder or 3rd party believes that a Director, Officer or Senior Manager has failed to exercise 'due care' when running the business then a claim can be made against the individual which can result in litigation and spiralling costs. As such, we firmly believe that Directors & Officers Liability Insurance provides crucial protection for a company's senior personnel.


What is Directors & Officers Liability Insurance?


Directors and Officers Liability Insurance will cover any civil or criminal offences including associated defence costs and awards. In addition to providing protection for company Directors & Officers, cover will extend to protect Managers and Key Employees of the company


It is worth noting that the Law currently states that if an individual of a Company is sued directly then, under some circumstances, the individual concerned is forbidden from having their defence costs or claim awards paid for by the Company.


In short, key personnel within your Company are at risk of losing their homes and personal possessions without sufficent protection - this is where Directors & Officers Liability Insurance can provide a solution.


What does Directors & Officers Liability Insurance cover?


The intention of Directors & Officers Liability Insurance is to provide cover for Private Companies domiciled in the UK, Non-profit organisations in the UK and Resident’s management Companies.


The cover afforded will include key areas such as:


  • Financial mismanagement

  • Breaches of Environmental Law

  • Breaches of Tax Law

  • Breaches of Company Law

  • Employment issues


There are many other instances which could potentially fall within the scope of cover. Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss this extremely important cover for your business.





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