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E Cigarette Insurance


Following the UK smoking ban, the use of Electronic Cigarettes (also known as personal vaporisers, atomisers, e-cigarettes and rechargeable cigarettes) has soared as smokers embrace the new technology that allows them the enjoyment of smoking without the toxic fumes.


It is predicted in certain quarters that the sale of Electronic Cigarettes and associated products will surpass those of traditional cigarettes and tobacco over the course of the next few years.


Whilst this development is seen by many as a positive move forward for the industry, the insurance market has been somewhat slow to react and, some would say, a little nervous to provide Products Liability insurance for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.


It is important that retailers recognise that Product Liability claims may well be initially directed towards them and not the manufacturers (as these are commonly based overseas eg. China which can make pursuit of a claim difficult).


Marquis identified the potential problems early on and have negotiated with specialist Underwriters to offer a full range of suitable products for the E Cigarette industry so, no matter whereabouts in the supply chain you are, we are here to help with a competitively priced solution.


Some of the insurance covers that we can provide are:-


Products Liability,

Public Liability,

Employers Liability,



Goods In Transit,

Imports & Export Cargo,

Trade Contents,

Directors & Officers cover

Plus more.........



If you would like a quotation for your insurance or further information simply click on the button below, leave your details and we'll give you a call back.


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